1st open call for Route 2 support (CLOSED)

Between March and June 2023 applicants were invited to apply to the first two support actions, designed to enhance the FAIRness of data, semantic artefacts and data-related services, through our grants platform. For a brief summary of the open call and details on the first two support offers, please read this blog post.

By the June 1st deadline, we received 51 applications. Each application was evaluated by three reviewers comprised of members of the FAIR Implementation Team and volunteers from across the FAIR-IMPACT pillar workpackages and our EOSC FAIR Champions. We thank all applicants for taking the time to apply. The quality of the applications received was very high. Please see each support action page for the list of successful applicants. 

Two support actions were offered in the first open call for Route 2 support. 

#1: FAIRness assessment challenge

More harmonised use of semantic artefacts such as ontologies, terminologies, taxonomies, thesauri, vocabularies, metadata schemas and standards is a key element to achieving a high level of FAIRness. However, it can often be difficult to find and use semantic artefacts as they themselves are not always FAIR.

This targeted support action will help a cohort of dataset providers or semantic artefact developers to self-assess and work towards maximising the level of FAIRness of their resources. Successful applicants will be supported to employ a variety of assessment tools and methods, including F-UJI, O’FAIRe and FOOPS. FAIR-IMPACT mentors will provide guidance and advice on how to interpret their scores and to improve the overall FAIRness of their resources. The duration of effort required, including attendance at mandatory virtual workshops and completing the assigned ‘homework’, will be approximately five days.

Learn more (The call is now closed)


#2: Enabling FAIR Signposting and RO-Crate for content/metadata discovery and consumption

The findability of both data and metadata is central to the FAIR principles. In this support action, FAIR-IMPACT will provide a method to increase the discoverability of the metadata and content. It will do so using a combination of two approaches; RO-Crate and Signposting. These two approaches are being used in combination as a pragmatic approach to making digital scholarly/research objects more FAIR. The duration of effort required to take part in this one will be five days of effort over a one-month period, again most likely in early autumn 2023.

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FAIR-IMPACT Community Event

This event featured a panel discussion with the some of the successful applicants to the first Route 2 open call. Panelists shared their experiences in taking part in the support actions. Watch the recording of the event which took place on 16 January 2024. The panel runs from 0:42:45 to 1:05:53 in the recording. 

First open call for Route 2 support: promotional webinar

Watch the recording of the webinar which took place on 27 March 2023

FAIR-IMPACT’s Virtual Clinic for potential applicants to the first Open Call for Route 2 support

Watch the recording of the webinar which took place on 16 May 2023