Technical Bridging Team

FAIR-IMPACT and FAIRCORE4EOSC set-up the Technical Bridging Team (TBT), a body in charge of coordinating the alignment of the EOSC-Core technical work in FAIRCORE4EOSC with insights and contributions coming from the FAIR-IMPACT Project and initiatives such as EOSC Future or the EOSC Association.

Technical Bridging Team

Mark van de Sanden, SURF, FAIRCORE4EOSC Technical Steering Group and Wim Hugo, DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services), and FAIR-IMPACT Technical Coordinator, are chairing the Technical Bridging Team, which consists of representatives from the technical WPs of both projects, as well as representatives of the EOSC Association.


Meet the members of the Technical Bridging Team

  • Wim Hugo, (DANS) (co-chair, technical representative for FAIR-IMPACT)
  • Mark van de Sanden, (SURF) (co-chair, technical representative for FAIRCORE4EOSC)
  • Daniel Turner, (DANS) (secretariat services and liaison)
  • Diego Scardaci, (EOSC Future)
  • Klaas Wierenga, (EOSC Future)
  • Ingrid Dillo, (DANS)  (project coordinator for FAIR-IMPACT)
  • Tommi Suominen, (CSC) (project coordinator for FAIRCORE4EOSC)


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