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Ccascading grants to enable testing of specific tools, approaches and methods (Route 2)

This route provides defined support actions where guidance and assistance are provided to successful applicants on implementing one or more tools and approaches. Successful applicants will receive financial support to enable their participation in a series of virtual, hands-on workshops. This support is suitable to those who are more advanced on their FAIR-enabling journey and ready to test specific tools and approaches. There will be three Route 2 open calls for participation in the defined support actions over the life of the FAIR-IMPACT project. 

What we will provide: 
  • A support package including virtual workshops, expert guidance and advice from FAIR-IMPACT project partners and resource providers to enable participants to implement the particular tool or approach. 
  • Financial support to enable participation, payable by invoice upon successful completion of the support action. The exact amount of financial support that will be provided will vary across the support actions as it is based on the number of days required to participate. In most cases, participation in support actions will require between 5-10 days of effort from participants spread over a 1-2 month period. Funds may be used solely for supporting staff time to carry out relevant support action activities (participating in the virtual webinars, carrying out homework, completing exit questionnaire and/or interview, etc.).
  • The opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from their peers through the virtual workshops.
  • The opportunity to promote their work via a published FAIR-IMPACT Implementation Story.


Key dates Deadline for applications Notification to applicants Start of support programmes

The first Route 2 open call is now closed. Learn more about this call and who was supported

1 June 2023 mid July 2023 September 2023

The second Route 2 open call is now closed. Learn more about this support action or Re-watch the 12th March virtual clinic

31 March 2024 mid May 2024 May/June 2024
The third Route 2 open call opens on 30 September 2024 30 November 2024 mid January 2025 February 2025 (tbc)