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Support programmes providing guidance and one-to-one support (Route 1 support)

FAIR-IMPACT is providing dedicated support to successful applicants for the uptake of FAIR-enabling practices. This will include participation in a series of virtual workshops based on the FAIR Implementation Framework, assessed homework, and one-to-one support. These calls are suitable for those who are just getting started with supporting the FAIR Principles or are less advanced on their FAIR-enabling journey. Financial support is not provided but successful applicants will benefit from in kind support from FAIR-IMPACT mentors. There will be two open calls for participation in these support programmes over the life of the FAIR-IMPACT project. 

What we will provide: 
  • Practical advice and guidance on key FAIR-enabling topics. The support programmes for each stakeholder group will vary, but the thematic areas covered may include policies, persistent identifiers, data management planning, trustworthy repositories, provision of support and training, and handling other research outputs including software.
  • One-to-one support to undertake a supported self-assessment of current FAIR-enabling practices; develop a FAIR implementation action plan and devise an engagement strategy.
  • A key aim of the support programme is to foster knowledge exchange between peers, and there will be dedicated workshops to facilitate this.
  • The opportunity to promote their work via a published FAIR Implementation Story. 
Key dates Deadline for applications Notifications to applicants Start of support actions

The first Route 1 open call is now closed.  Learn more about the support programmes offered for this call

1 November 2023 early December 2023 late January 2024

Second Route 1 open call for repositories & service providers

learn more and apply

14 June 2024 mid July 2024 September 2024

Second call for national-level initiatives

learn more and apply

12 July 2024 end of July 2024 September 2024