PID Festival

A three-day international summit of talks, activities and workshops focussing on how persistent identifiers can deliver world-class research infrastructure. This event is organised by the National Library of Technology (NTK) and the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

The overarching objective of PIDfest is to unite global pioneers in the field of persistent identifiers, fostering collaborative solutions to tangible infrastructure challenges that stand in the way of expediting research and innovation. An event of this magnitude promises dynamic discussions, centred on practical strategies for overcoming real-world hurdles in the delivery of research infrastructure.

Anticipate a vibrant atmosphere where attendees actively contribute to unraveling the complexities of research infrastructure challenges.

FAIR-IMPACT at the event

Josefine Nordling (CSC and partner of FAIR-IMPACT) is showcasing a poster about FAIR-IMPACT work related to persistent identifiers.

Official event page:

PID Festival
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11 June 2024 - 13 June 2024
Prague, Czech Republic