FAIR-IMPACT coordinator Ingrid Dillo joins the CHORUS Forum

Since their publication in 2016, the FAIR Data Guiding Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) have become clear and enabling goals to work towards in any work or policies around data.  As metrics have been developed around them, FAIR has become a set of tangible targets for funders, publishers, institutions and researchers to aim at and to be measured against.  Unsurprisingly, considerable work has gone into practically enabling all to achieve these.  For many (not all) it has become reasonable to expect data to be published in a manner that results in it being both Findable and Accessible. 

However, making these data furthermore Interoperable and Reusable remains a significant challenge. 

The AGU / CHORUS Forum on 17th June 2022 had government, funder, academic institution, and scientific society stakeholders outline why I & R are proving so challenging, and will showcase some of the partial solutions being put into practice. Ingrid Dillo, Deputy Director, DANS, co-chair of Council Research Data Alliance and Coordinator of the FAIR-IMPACT project joined the AGU / CHORUS Forum on making FAIR’s Interoperability and Reusability Data Goals Possible, introducing the FAIR-IMPACT project in the context of EOSC.


Workshop agenda

You can also download Ingrid Dillo's presentation here



CHORUS serves as an information bridge, supporting agency search portals and leveraging publishers’ existing infrastructure to facilitate a simple compliance process, optimized search and dashboard services, and multi-party archiving and preservation capabilities. CHORUS helps funders, institutions, publishers, and the public see, find, and understand the status of outputs of funded research. It facilitates access to and information about articles and data reporting on funded research. It does this by collecting funder and institution metadata (information about articles and data) and providing visualizations of that information in a trusted and reliable manner.



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