Horizon Europe projects trailblazing a new approach in EOSC branding

A new group of Horizon Europe projects takes on the challenge of implementing - and communicating - the European Open Science Cloud, through coordinated branding and enhanced collaboration

The journey of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) has come a long way since the initial phase of implementation in 2018-2020, as the EC had supported a range of innovative projects in Horizon 2020 with about €250 million to lay the groundwork for the current phase, taking place within Horizon Europe.

A key difference is that there now is a dedicated EOSC European co-programmed partnership, and also that a new tripartite governance was established to steer the evolution of EOSC. This tripartite collaboration involves the European Commission, the EOSC Steering Board (featuring representatives of Member States and Associated Countries) and the EOSC Association (representing the research community itself).

New guidelines for coordinated branding

In the spring of 2022, the EOSC Association promoted a contest to define a new visual identity for EOSC and to welcome the beginning of this new phase, launching the official co-branding guidelines in early September. Over the summer, FAIR-IMPACT and its sister project FAIRCORE4EOSC  were the first to implement this new coordinated approach to a common visual identity for EOSC, acting as trailblazers for the whole range of upcoming Horizon Europe EOSC-related initiatives.

In the process, FAIR-IMPACT provided feedback and suggestions on how to develop materials and how to implement the new logo style also taking into account the needs of projects, resulting in a consistent approach which will now characterise the current phase.

A new exciting era of enhanced collaboration across the EOSC landscape has begun, and we are looking forward to the EOSC Symposium 2022 to meet the rest of the community in person. Let’s make EOSC a reality, together.

Check out our new visual identity and materials


FAIR-IMPACT EOSC coordinated branding