The report of the first synchronisation workshop is out!

Building on the successful Synchronisation Force approach from the FAIRsFAIR project (2019-2021), FAIR-IMPACT continues a dialogue for collaboration and harmonisation with various projects, initiatives, and actors in both EOSC and FAIR ecosystems. We do this to reduce redundancy and to ensure that solutions are more widely promoted, sustainable and can be transferred to the relevant EOSC Partnership.

To address these challenges FAIR-IMPACT set up the Synchronisation Force, whose main instrument is a series of three annual workshops to be delivered in the period of 2022-2024.

The Synchronisation Force 2022 workshop run between the 21st November and 12th December 2022  consisted of six online sessions,

  • an introduction to FAIR-IMPACT, the goal of the workshop and the request to all workshop participants to provide information about their FAIR activities ahead of the four thematic sessions;
  • one session on Metrics and assessing FAIRness
  • one session on Persistent Identifiers
  • one session on Trustworthy and FAIR-enabling repositories
  • one session on Metadata, semantics and interoperability
  • a final session in which highlights and recommendations from the thematic sessions were presented and discussed with the participants.

More than 120 people registered for the series; attendance in individual sessions ranged from 40 to over 60 people. Based on the workshop input and discussions, this report provides supporting recommendations for each topic.

Download and read the report

The report of the first synchronisation workshop is out!