📢 The Second Open Call for FAIR Support is Closed!

The second open call for FAIR support is now closed with 90 applications submitted on the four supporting actions. The one just closed is the second call for Route 2 support, which is offering tailored support to implement various tools, approaches, and methods, with financial assistance provided for participation in virtual, hands-on workshops. This Open Call included support actions relating to:

  • creating EOSC-compliant persistent identifier policies using the FAIRCORE4EOSC Compliance Assessment Tool (CAT);
  • implementing recommendations for creating FAIR research software;
  • assessing the FAIRness of research software using a tailored version of F-UJI;
  • drafting recommendations for improving the transparency and trustworthiness of data repositories;
  • monitoring the research data policy landscape using FAIRsharing.

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The Evaluation Phase

The evaluation process, ongoing until the end of April, is managed by the FAIR Implementation Team (FIT), supported by external EOSC FAIR Champions for a final assessment, and ensures fairness and transparency of the procedure. Evaluation criteria include geographical provenance, stakeholder type, and gender balance, with a preference for less 'EOSC-ready' areas and domains.

Applicants will receive notification of their application status by mid-May 2024, and support actions are scheduled to commence in late spring 2024.

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📢 The Second Open Call for FAIR Support is Closed!